Dermaderm Herbal Shampoo for white or gray hair-250 ml


Restore the natural color of your hair with the shampoo of dermaderm
Dermaderm Acts on white hair by bringing back the natural color of your hair! The Color Color to the dark color helps to make a natural conversion. Dermaderm provides natural daily replacement without damaging your hair stops and reduces hair.
It is produced by natural plant extracts. No chemical paint. It helps to strengthen your hair.
Use: Wash your hair only with the shampoo so that the active plant extracts penetrate the root and in your hair! The Foam is left for 2-3 minutes and then rinses. To get results, it is necessary to use regularly for 30 days. The speed of change of color you see depends on the structure of hair and from the condition; if your hair is thin, you can get faster results if it’s thicker or longer, it gets slower.



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