New!!!! Bioksin Quantum Bio-asset




New!!!! Bioksin Quantum Bio-asset
(Biocomplex B11) 300 ml
Expensive but effective!!!
Bioksin cosmetics against hair loss
Bioxsine Bioxin is a cosmetic line that prevents hair loss and hair recovery from the lab. Ediacaran
(lab) Ediacaran) (Turkey) on plant extracts.
The Herbal Complex Biocomplex B11 prevents hair loss due to flavonoids, unsaturated fatty acids, Beta-sitosterol and zinc that are included in its composition.
Strengthens Hair, gives it strength and elasticity, creating the necessary conditions for the formation of new hairs.
– prevents hair loss
– supports the new hair growth
– strengthens active hair follicles
– Thicken and restores hair
– adds volume and gives elasticity to the strips
– there is a plant base that does not cause side effects
– Acid-Alkaline Ph-Balance Suitable for the scalp and does not cause allergic reactions and irritations
– does not contain colouring and aromas
– there’s a non-sticky and easy-to-use sequence.


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