Shampoo 600 ml. And Conditioner 350 ml.


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Shampoo and conditioner
With Ivy Extract for recovery and fast growth, makes hair great-shining, cake and full of life. Good effect in sensitive scalp as well as hair prone to greasy: personally tested. Surprisingly good turkish product.
Restoreks is a Turkish Hair Shampoo, a with the support of rapid hair growth. Returns the volume of hair.

A Special Natural Formula Suitable for the common use of the whole family. The high concentration of the extract of Ivy, wheat proteins, rice oils and olive naturally nourishes and hydrate the scalp and hair by making it softer and glamorous.

The Gentle Creamy Foam Delicately cleans the scalp and hair in depth by not breaking the hidrolipidniâ film, and does not change the natural and ph.

The combination of antioxidants-Vitamin E, c, pp and panthenol provides the right nourish of the scalp and prevents the unwanted hair loss.

Use: apply the shampoo on wet hair, massage gently and then rinse.

Active Ingredients: Extract of Ivy, wheat proteins, rice oils and olive, panthenol, vit. Well, c and pp / Niacin /.

Dermatologically tested, no parabens, no artificial colouring, Vaseline, silicones, mineral oils.



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