shampoo with Nettle Extract 500 ml.


And the new shampoo with Nettle Extract 500 ml. £ 8.00
It’s a natural shampoo that prevents the problem of hair. Provides faster hair growth, nourishes thin hair and provides hair volume. His daily use thicken and refreshes the hair, strengthens the structure of the hair and reduces the flowering in the edges. The Nettle Shampoo returns the natural shine and corrects the excessive greasy. Suitable for any type of hair, especially prone to greasy.
It does not contain synthetic fragrances, colouring and preservatives, silicones, parabens and mineral ingredients on an oil base.
Enriched with nettle extracts, gently cleans your hair and provides extra care for your hair hair.
Suitable for daily use (all hair)
Botanics Shampoo: Enriched with nettle extract this shampoo gently cleans the hair and provides full care for your hair.
It supports the recovery of the hair-free hair without exacerbating your hair.
With Rich Foam, hair gently cleans, nourishes and gives radiant look (dry and destroyed hair).
Botanics Strengthening Shampoo: this shampoo enriched with extracts of nettle extract carefully cleans your hair.
It moisturized your hair and provides unique care.
Shampoo, formulated leaves pleasant aroma, clean, shiny hair (weak and thin hair)

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