Super Cleaning Bio Peel face cream, 100 ml


Super Cleaning Bio Peel face cream, 100 ml
Daily partner for perfectly clean and healthy skin. 🔝🌿
A new generation of Organic Cream-Peel with natural microparticles and bio certified ingredients that effectively clean the pores of the face in depth from the excess sebum and the dead cells that are cause of the formation of acne. The skin acquires a fresh and fortified look. Peeling delicately cleans and updated the skin of the face, evens the skin elevation, well nourishes and hydrate, prevents inflammation and izrivaniâ, gives your skin ideal smoothness.
Peel the cream is suitable for every skin, removes pollution, stimulates the production of and protects, and the result is – clean and healthy skin!
Sʺdʺranieto of organic extracts of thyme, Myrtle, olive and brûlèe, possess a superb antibacterial property, excellent tone and normalize skin hidrobalansa. Lavender supports the healing of the problematic sections and evens the skin tan. Olive Oil deeply nourishes and rejuvenates. Extract from the leaves of Myrtle Refresh the skin and strengthen it thanks to vitamins and useful micronutrients.
Content: all ingredients in the product are from organic production and own certificate etko organic
The product is also suitable for teenagers because it provides the necessary hydration of gentle children’s skin and cleans in depth pores.



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