Unique Shampoo with garlic, keratin and six oils! 400 ml


Innovative Natural Shampoo with garlic extract that stops hair! The Formula of shampoo is new and enriched with keratin and six natural oils that affect the structure of the hair, hydrate and restore damaged hair. The Garlic Extract helps increase the circulation in the skin of the head, which in turn strengthens the root and overall structure of the hair, strengthens growth and removes harmful toxins from the skin of the head. The Keratin applied on our hair fills the broken zones and creates a natural protective layer on the surface of the hair and returns the glow of the hair. Nourishes in depth the roots, cleans the skin of the scalp and regulates lustfulness. The healing power of natural ingredients penetrates the roots of hair, delivers nutrients and strengthens the healing process, removing irritation and dandruff gradually disappears. Hydrate, heals and protects the hair. Suitable for every hair type.

No garlic scent

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